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Cynthia Okereke, Clemson Cornel delivered by hijackers
Super Eagles to confront Cristiano Ronaldo in well disposed game
Uneasiness in Ogun as DSS captures top Boko Haram part
Officers gunned down as Boko Haram psychological militants strike military designated spot in Niger
AriseTv's Rufai Oseni apologizes over utilization of BRT path
Heavenly guacamole! 'Area of interest' with $24 guac and $21 watery mixed drinks is summer's greatest sham
LIV FROM NEW YORK: Trump goes to Saudi golf visit occasion in NYC in front of competition at NJ club
FBI's most-wanted Mexican drug lord Rafael Quintero - who is notorious for 'using an ice pick to torture and kill two American tourists who stumbled on drug deal' - is caught after nearly a decade on the run and $20m bounty