Bartlett Mitchell launch ‘Amuse Bouche’ virtual food and drink events March 18, 2021

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Bartlett Mitchell launch ‘Amuse Bouche’ virtual food and drink events March 18, 2021


Bartlett Mitchell has launched ‘Amuse Bouche’ — a series of virtual food and drink events devised by its chefs and food and entertainment experts.

Guests will have a choice of more than ten packages, which can be tailored to their preferences and are designed to cater for all types of events, including virtual celebrations, awards ceremonies, induction training, and team building days.

Launched following a successful pilot programme, Amuse Bouche brings teams together despite the physical distance created by the lockdown.

Each event is designed to invoke a sense of fun and camaraderie, uniting teams and bolstering client relationships.

Bartlett Mitchell Amuse BoucheTo complete their virtual event, guests will receive invitations and a gift box, choosing its contents to suit their event and budget. With food at the heart of the concept, boxes can contain anything from wine and whisky to canapés and crackers and will be delivered directly to guests’ doors.

The events include a chef masterclass, led by chef director, Pete Redman who will teach guests how to recreate some of their favourite restaurant and takeaway dishes; and a cocktail making experience, where guests will learn to master the art of mixology while enjoying a selection of canapés.

“In challenging times, finding ways to stay connected and maintaining a sense of company culture is vital, which is why we’ve launched our mood-boosting Amuse Bouche Box,” said Michelle Jugessur, business development manager, Bartlett Mitchell.

“We hope our virtual events provide creative and innovative ways to help businesses engage with colleagues, teams and guests.”

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