Around the World: London is a tourist's dream

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Around the World: London is a tourist's dream


Oxford Street is famous for shopping [lndnfashion]

Nigerian love  London. For years, Nigerians have been migrating to the city of London in drove.

No doubt London is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world and, you would even lose count of places to go and things to explore.

The weather is also part of the reasons tourists love London.

 Oxford Street is famous for shopping [lndnfashion]

I asked Aghoho what he loved about the city. "The weather, the food (it's very cosmopolitan so you can find even Amala to eat).

"There are historical sites everywhere so you can always take pictures and learn stuff. Some are free to enter, others would charge you."

He loves how London is a culturally melting pot. "People don't really stare at you when you wear your native attire, unlike America where some random dude comes and starts giving you dabs to show he's cool.

 Westminister Abbey is centuries old [westministerabbey]
One time in Canada (which is the same as America if you ask me). One dude started hailing and told my mom she is 'the real goddess' or something like that.”
He mentions a funny experience he had in London, “In the Victoria train station, there are eastern Europeans also selling fake electronic gadgets and accessories. One time I bought 'Apple earphones' those joints only lasted two weeks after I got back to Nigeria.”
He speaks about a peculiar experience he had in London especially when shopping, "They no longer give cellophane bags at some shops again (global warming, encouraging recycling and whatnot), so it's like you're going to the market where you go carry your own bag. Or you'd have to buy and, that costs money."
His favourite historical site in London is Westminster Cathedral and Trafalgar Square.
Westminster Abbey is an ancient church built in the 13th century, it is where coronations and royal weddings take place. Trafalgar Square is a large square/park where protests take place, and there are many parks.

The London Eye and Thames Rivers [wikipedia]
Apart from these places he mentioned, there is the London Eye, Oxford and Bond street for shopping, cruise around the Thames River, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, the O2 arena for concerts and other shows and uncountable museums and art galleries.

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