Texas temple attack: Teens held in UK as Briton named as prisoner taker

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Texas temple attack: Teens held in UK as Briton named as prisoner taker


 Watch an instructions by a FBI specialist after the stalemate in Colleyville, Texas

Two youngsters have been captured in England as a component of the examination concerning a prisoner taking occurrence at a place of worship in Texas on Saturday.

English resident Malik Faisal Akram, 44, from Blackburn, was shot dead after a stalemate with police in Colleyville.

Subtleties of the ages or sexual orientations of the pair captured in south Manchester on Sunday evening were not uncovered.

More noteworthy Manchester Police said it was liaising with neighborhood networks and proceeding to aid the US request.

The power said the two teens were captured "as a feature of the continuous examination concerning the assault" and were being held in guardianship for addressing.

As per US police sources, Akram showed up in the country through New York's JFK International Airport fourteen days prior.

Akram's sibling Gulbar affirmed his demise in an assertion carried on the Blackburn Muslim Community Facebook page. He was sorry to the people in question and said his sibling had been experiencing psychological well-being issues.

The Metropolitan Police prior affirmed counter-dread officials were in touch with US specialists and the FBI.

Texas gathering place prisoner taker was British

The attack started at around 11:00 neighborhood time (16:00 GMT) when police were called to the Congregation Beth Israel place of worship in the suburb of Dallas.

Akram acquired introductory admittance to the temple during the assistance by professing to be a vagrant, as per a police source cited by CBS.

Among the prisoners was the gathering place's rabbi. One was delivered following six hours with the other three being directed to security by police a few hours after the fact.

Each of the prisoners at the place of worship were liberated safe.

US President Joe Biden called the prisoner taking an "demonstration of fear" and the UK denounced the assault.

English Foreign Secretary Liz Truss portrayed it as an

 "demonstration of psychological oppression and against Semitism".

Ms Truss said in a tweet: 

"We remain with US in shielding the privileges and opportunities of our residents against the people who spread disdain."

Police proceeded with their examination at the location of prisoner occurrence in Colleyville, Texas, on 16 January 2022

The prisoner taker was heard requesting the arrival of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist who is as of now serving a 86-year term in a jail in Forth Worth, Texas, around 20 miles from the place of worship, law requirement authorities told nearby media.

President Biden seemed to affirm the assailant had been looking for her delivery, saying the Texas assault was connected with 

"somebody who was captured 15 years prior and has been in prison for quite some time".

The president said the assailant had evidently purchased weapons after he arrived in the US.

Police sources say that no dangerous material was found on Akram and US government courts don't show he had any criminal history.

Akram's sibling said he had liaised 

"with Faisal, the arbitrators, FBI and so on" during the attack however "there didn't be anything we might have told him or done that would have persuaded him to give up".

Gulbar added:

 "We might want to say that we as a family don't excuse any of his activities and might want to truly apologize earnestly to every one of the casualties engaged with the appalling occurrence."

"We might likewise want to include that any assault any person be it a Jew, Christian or Muslim and so on isn't right and ought to forever be censured."

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