Yul Edochie's new spouse Judy Moghalu hails his first wife May Edochie

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Yul Edochie's new spouse Judy Moghalu hails his first wife May Edochie


May and Yul Edochie with Judy Austin Moghalu [Instagram/YulEdochie] [Instagram/JudyMoghalu]

Moghalu might be extending a hand of companionship towards May Edochie.

Nollywood entertainer Yul Edochie's new spouse, Judy Moghalu, has hailed his most memorable wife, May.

Moghalu recognized Edochie's most memorable spouse after he shared her photograph on IG, tending to her as his main and undisputed.

"My delightful woman, I see you," 

she remarked on the post.

May and Yul Edochie with Judy Austin Moghalu [Instagram/YulEdochie] [Instagram/JudyMoghalu]

She has, in any case, brought down the post.

Edochie revealed Moghalu and her child as the furthest down the line expansion to his family on Wednesday, April 27.

"It's the ideal opportunity for the world to meet my child. He is STAR DIKE MUNACHIMSO YUL-EDOCHIE. Brought into the world by my second spouse @judyaustin1 And I love him so much, similarly however much I love my different youngsters," 

he inscribed the photograph.

It didn't take well before the entertainer turned government official's most memorable spouse, May, hammered him over the post.

Yul Edochie's first spouse brings him out over new child and wife

"May God judge you both," 

she composed.

Before the declaration, the entertainer was hitched to May and they have four kids.

Curiously, May gave hints about hiccups in her marriage in November 2021 after she shared a mysterious message on IG.

The mother of four took to her Instagram page where she shared a post that had the photographs of Barack and Michelle Obama in their initial years and afterward when they turned into the US First family.

Nollywood entertainer Yul Edochie and second spouse Judy Moghalu [Instagram/YulEdochie] [Instagram/JudyMoghalu]

"Always remember a lady who assisted you with building yourself and stand by you by when you didn't have anything... assuming she was with you in heck, accompany her in heaven,"

 the post read.

May and Yul have been hitched for a very long time


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