The best communications managers are empathetic storytellers

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The best communications managers are empathetic storytellers


 In 2014, when Moyosola Kara gained admission to the University of Pretoria, she had her eyes set on being an economist but after a year, she realized it just wasn’t for her. She ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in Law (BCom Law).

Today, Moyosola Kara is the director of marketing and communications at Eze Wholesale – a YC-backed startup on a mission to simplify the wholesale electronics trade market. She’s an ambitious straight-shooter who is serious about taking breaks and carving out time to reconnect with herself and the people in her life.
How was she able to figure out her career path?

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do or what kind of career I wanted to pursue. It wasn’t until my time at Elizabeth Arden that I figured out my passion: talking to customers and connecting them to their favourite brands or businesses. When I was in South Africa, Elizabeth Arden was typecast as a beauty brand that catered exclusively to white South African women. Black South African women bought their perfumes, but make-up and skincare? No chance. When Elizabeth Arden was ready to change that image, I became fully immersed in trying to figure out our campaigns and how to speak to this new target audience.”

In this week’s edition of Centre Stage, Koromone talks to Moyosola Kara who has some advice for aspiring and working communications and marketing professionals.

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